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Registered Charity Number: 85232 7204 RR0001

LAS Scholarship - GTA

Registered Charity Number: 85232 7204 RR0001


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The LAS (Legal Advocacy Services) Scholarship is Partnering with PUREAIDE.

 LAS has partnered with PUREAIDE, a non-profit Registered charitable organization that believes in the education and development of young people. PUREAIDE seeks to enable and empower young people and to reduce the cycle of poverty and crime borne out of limited educational opportunities afforded to young people .

LAS is partnering with this organization by issuing a yearly scholarship to a deserving young candidate under the age of 30 who is seeking financial assistance to acquire a legal based education. The prospective student is required to write a one page letter explaining why they should be chosen for the scholarship. LAS also welcomes creative and unique portfolio submissions.

  • The candidate is to be entering post-secondary education in a legal related field of study. 
  • The student should be entering college or university in an Ontario, Canada institution.
  • Although a minimum GPA is not a required for scholarship acceptance, the applicant must demonstrate in their scholarship portfolio the following. 


  1. A clear desire to pursue legal education.
  2. Proof of completing 24 hours of non paid legal-based volunteer work.
  3. A one page letter detailing why you believe that you should be the successful scholarship recipient.
  4. Describe how the funds will assist you in achieving your legal educational goals in your letter.
  5. Submit the application by the appropriate deadline June 30th of the Scholarship Year