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Eligibility for Grant/Sponsorship

  • Any child/young person who shows potential and keen interest in education
  • is at risk of not completing their education
  • is not receiving financial aid from other sources or whose other sources do not adequately meet their basic needs


In addition, they will be eligible if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • With no living parents or guardian (orphaned)
  • Children of single parent who is unable to meet the education needs of the child
  • Children with both parents who are unable to meet the educational need of the child


 Application Process and Selection Criteria

  •  Provide potential candidates for sponsorship with a PUREAIDE Application to provide their personal information and  explain their situation if they are able to write in English
  • If the letter of application does not meet the criteria provided by the PUREAIDE sub-committee or if the          applicant is unable to complete an English application, a representative from PUREAIDE will interview the      candidate
  •  PUREAIDE Representative(s) will assess the information provided
  • An interview with the candidate is be conducted by a PUREAIDE representative as required
  • Results of the interview will be reviewed by the Scholarship sub committee 


Selection Process for Qualified young people

  • The selection committee will review the application
  • A Member of the PUREAIDE board/representative will perform interviews, pay fees and receive receipts from the Educational institution.


The selection committee will determine if a grant or scholarship is rewarded. 

Grants and Scholarships

Grants are partial payments paid directly to educational/medical institutions to contribute towards the costs of school fees, books, school supplies and medical insurance for young people who meet the requirements. 

Scholarships provide top up for tuition paid directly to educational institutions and may cover the full cost of tuition and boarding to enable qualified youth to attend senior secondary, high school, technical schools and university.

Medical fees are paid directly to the medical institutions (special situations as required)

Registered Charity Number: 85232 7204 RR0001

Registered Charity Number: 85232 7204 RR0001

The Application Process